[REQEUST] Acer Aspire 9500 - Insyde MobilePRO 4.20.10 from 2005

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    *update 12.2016*

    I managed to find more MobilePRO BIOS files from different Laptops, that are almost 100% identical to mine.
    Some of them can be unpacked and one Toshiba even allowed to unpack and view the LOGO files.

    So if you have one of those evil undocumented "Insyde MobilePRO" (prefered version 4.20.10), feel free to join the fun
    and post your laptop model and a downloadlink to your BIOS.


    I really hope that someone can assisst me here one day. :)



    I asked this before, many many years ago. I got told my Insyde BIOS would be "too new/too old" to be modded.
    Now I digged this laptop out again... ^^

    I stumbled across these Insyde tutorials by donovan 6000 :

    Changing Splashscreen and adding options :


    But still, even Andys Tool says "no Insyde Bios".

    The original downloadable BIOS v1.70 that I flashed back then looks like this :


    Here is the link to the BIOS :


    Acer Aspire 9500 (Modell DQ70).

    Mainboard: Compal Stork (Chipset i915PM/GM, Southbridge 82801FBM (ICH6-M)

    Pentium M 760 @ 2 GHz

    Insyde Software MobilePRO Version 4.20.10, using the "Acer HQD70" Bios 1.60. (512kb)

    Right after startup it additionally says "Insyde ACPI Bios 4.20.09" short before initialising the HDD and the CD-Rom.

    I made a backup of the 1.60 using the "Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0" but couldnt open it either.

    Its UUID is : 61373537326131356136000FB0F07732

    Firmware 101.114
    Bios Date: 12/29/2005
    Bios Starting Segment : EB00h

    Maybe someone can help here ? :)