[Request] ACER M5-481T factory original HDD partitions scheme

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    ACER M5-481T factory original HDD partitions scheme


    I need following information for an ACER Aspire M5-481T with 500GB HDD and Win 8 (or Win 8.1):

    What is the original factory HDD GPT partitions scheme? What is the sequency order, type, size and attributes of each one? With original factory I means it was really never touched (not changed, reformatted or upgrated to Win 10).

    If someone has this notebook and can please send me the HDD partitions sequency schema and details on each partition using Diskpart to see (do not use the win disk manager) I will be very gracefully.

    I looked for this informations in google, ACER community, here in MDL and was unsuccess to find it.
    Two or three year ago I see in HDD and if I am not mistaked it has 6 or 7 partitions, I do not remember the correct names of partitions used by ACER nor sure about their sequency, sizes and attributes:
    - one for Recovery - (400MB ???)
    - one for ESP (Fat 32) - (300MB ???)
    - one for MSR - (128MB ???)
    - one for Windows 8 (or 8.1) - (469GB ???)
    - one for Push Buttom Reset - (15GB or 25GB ???)
    - more one or two unamed (I am not sure if one or two)


    It is my brother's ACER Ultrabook.
    It cames with W8 and auto updated to W8.1.
    As the free upgrade to w10 is coming and he wanted to get a digital entitlement.
    This is what HE done:

    (A) Backup:
    Using Acronis TIH 2012 Backup/Recovery CD he made a Backup of all partitions detected by Acronis for Disk Drive 1 (HDD) and for Disk Drive 2 (SDD).

    (B) Prepared and installed W7 Pro:
    1. Using W10 diskpart -> cleanned disk, converted to MBR, created a primary partition (all HDD space) and Formatted as NTFS.
    2. Installed w7 pro and DAZ and Used gatherosstate to get Genuine Ticket.

    (C) Prepared and installed w10 Pro:
    1. Using w10 diskpart -> reformatted the same MBR single partition (full HDD) as NTFS to wipe W7 installation.
    2. Clean installed W10 Pro without Prod Key and inserted Genuine Ticket. Then Activated it and got the Digital Entitlement as he desired.

    (D) RESTORING to backedup previous system (W8.1):
    1. Using w10 diskpart -> cleanned disk, converted to GPT and do not created partitions.
    2. Using Acronis TIH 21012 Backup/Recovery CD he tried to do restore but TIH failed to recovery because it TIH did not saved the GPT structure as it normally does with MBR. Now he can not recover the previous state of HDD because he trusted that TIH does his backup job correctly and did not take note of partitions informations before backup. He has not the factory Recovery CD/DVD to try to left it redo the partitions scheme and then try Acronis again to restore the HDD last state as it was before.

    After all this, he asked my Help about what can be done.
    Well I was very surprised too about Acronis can not trustly Backup HDD with GPT:mad: , I only used it in HDD with MBR and for that it is very good. So now we (I and he) will not use Acronis - it is totally untrusted if HDD is GPT. Time to look for a new Backup Application.

    Now that the sh**t is done the only solution IMO is to does the GPT partitions manually and then tries to use Acronis to restore in prepared partitions, may be this will works successfully.

    Temporarly I do a clean install of W8.1 SL update 3 (from MSDN) in a single partition using all disk space (now MBR no GPT) only to check if it install and get PK from BIOS. I installed correctly. Now if possible I would like to restore computer to previous condition.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have tried Paragon 12 or 15 years ago and that time it was very, very slow. I will check if it is better now.

    Thank you for your repply.
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    If there's a Acer Service Center near by, check out with them. You could also send an Ticket/E-Mail to Acer Support for that needed information, Acer is quite Customer friendly!!
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