REQUEST BIOS Fix Medion PC MS-7358 Rev 1.1

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    Feb 23, 2012

    Medion PC MS-7358 Rev 1.1
    Award Bios Rev 6.00 PG
    Original BIOS 1.1D: W7358MLN.11D

    View attachment Original W7358MLN_11D.7z

    BIOS 1.1 D with SLIC 2.1 inserted: W73_SLIC.11D

    View attachment W73_SLIC.11D SLIC 2.1 inserted.7z
    RW Everything report: AcpiTbls.7z

    View attachment AcpiTbls.7z

    Unlike the previous BIOS versions the (latest) original "1.1D" and the"1.1D with SLIC 2.1 inserted" have IDE by default and AHCI is in the options.
    This item (like almost all BIOS settings for this mobo) does not appear in the bios menu so you can’t chance it to SATA/AHCI. In boot up it will show the following message:

    AHCIOption Rom Bios Rev 01.05.90 Date 11-30-2007
    AHCIOption Rom NOT Installed !

    Could someone be so kind to make at least this option “visible” so IDE/SATA/AHCI mode can be chosen in the BIOS menu ?
    Feel free to make more BIOS options visible. This would be a sweet and useful bonus I suppose ;-)

    Thanks in advance