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    Jul 31, 2012
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    I am wondering if anyone has head of, or is interested in developing a mod for Dell Laptops. (I personally use the 1545 and suffer from the issue explained below). Many People including myself, have damaged the tiny middle part of our charging cable and as a result, our computers refuse to charge, and some even slow down the CPU. Yet, the cable still transmits power, and the computer stays on, the battery just won't charge, and the bios lists the charger as 'unknown'. If someone was able to develop a bios mod to fix this. (since Dell doesn't appear to want to fix the issue themselves, thanks dell (I assume if they did they would have already released a fix when people began to have issues)) I along with all of the many other users suffering from this issue would greatly appreciate it.
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    there is 3 contacts in the round dell tip. .. 2 metal sleeves and a pin needle for battery.
    outside round is negative.. inside round is +
    the pin is second + for battery charge, charger serial# to pc.

    goto amazon an get a $17 OEM pa-12 .. stop wrapping cable around charger, thats why it breaks.