Reset to factory defaults? (Windows Server 2012 R2)

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by thorazine74, Apr 25, 2015.

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    Hello, I'm trialing Windows Server 2012 to learn about it and see if I can adopt it as a server for a simple home lan instead of my previous Windows 8.1.
    With Windows 8.1 you can configure the recovery options to perform a reset to factory defaults automatically, which seems to work by just reimaging the install.wim to the os partition.
    I have configured the Windows RE to include the factory image install.wim but it seems this handy restore to defaults options is not available when you boot to Windows RE in Windows Server 2012? Is that correct?
    I researched a bit on TechNet and it seems this option only exists with manufacturer-provided recovery media:
    [Cannot post links yet but if you google for "Restore or repair your server running Windows Server Essentials hh237420" you will see the page I was trying to link)
    Is it possible to recreate this functionality somehow with pure WindowsRE and the factory install.wim from the install DVD?
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    Yeah R2 does not support Reset/Refresh options. Being a "Server", why would you even need it???
    Just make an image of your OS with Ghost or IFW (Image for Windows)...
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    Hehehe, "DiveSnapshot". I hope your data hasn't taken a dive? ;)

    ...only kidding of course. I agree, use DriveSnapshot or Image for Windows (which has a brand new 2.9.5 version out).
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    Well, personally just find that new Windows 8 option very handy, specially when you are trying something new like its my case with server, which I'm just installing for the first time.
    With Windows 8 you would just reboot to recovery and with two clicks you have windows back to oobe questions with no hassle at all.
    I could make an image of an installed partition and restore it with just windows backup, no need for third party tools, but I would prefer being able to just restore it to virgin first boot, I could just do the manual install.wim restore but the point and click gui for factory reset is much much more handy and quick.
    I understand its not available with plain Windows Server but it seems its possible with third party recovery disks, I was wondering if anyone could replicate that missing functionality with Windows RE.