Restore MBR Disk backup to a GPT disk

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    May 1, 2010
    Well,I have my Windows 7 x64 bit backed up as an mbr install by Acronis True Image 2011.
    Back up consists of
    1.System reserved partition
    2.Windows 7 partition
    3.MBR with track 0
    Its in .tib format.

    I want to restore this back up image to a partition on a GPT partitioned disk.
    How do I do it?

    Acronis True image 2011 with the plus pack detects my backup and the wizard lets me choose the backup file but on proceeding ,a warning props up saying that there may not be enough space on the target partition to boot following restoration.Target partition is way bigger than the windows 7 partition of which the backup was made.

    Any suggestions or any other method to do it!!!

    Thanks in advance.
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    Nov 6, 2010
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    this is your problem: "Target partition is way bigger than the windows 7 partition of which the backup was made."

    You have to make the target partition exactly the same size the original was. See also acronis knowledge base article 6533 (I am a newbie here, cannot post a link yet).

    In my case, I had to make a new MBR partition with 102400 MB as my partition was 57324.66015625MB and I could not make a new partition of exactly that size, recover my 57324.X MB partition into the 102400 MB partition, back-up that one, and recover it to a 102400 MB partiton on the new GPT RAID. Sounds silly, but it worked. Hope you have a proper partition size to start with, than it should be a piece of cake. Otherwise I hope you have some space left on a MBR disk...

    I have to add: even though I could restore the backup in this manner, I cannot boot from it. Maybe because the driver for My RAID array are not loaded during boot. I tried to fix it with the Win7 DVD, and though he fixed the boor record, still no success. Second time I tried with the Win7 system repair options by booting from installation DVD, an trouble shooter did not find a solution, and aknowledge that I cannot boot from this partition. I will work on that later and leave my Win7 where it is for the moment.