Retail, Volume and OEM?

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    Jan 23, 2010
    Hello, All!

    I want to ask many questions about Windows Origional Activation Methods that are Retail, Volume and OEM.

    I've read this article but I'm still unable to understand.

    1- What's the major difference among those three Methods?

    2- If we purchase Retail Version then would it be forever (life time) or limited (for 1 or 2 years)? Also can we use this method for any PC which is not a company machine but we have joint the different parts and built it for our own needs?

    3- OEM is used for company's (Compaq, Dell etc..) already made machine which have built-in key for activating Windows? Am I right? Also is it forever or limited?

    4- Volume Licensing is for organizations and have two methods KMS and MAC. KMS uses by a Server and once it activate online then it itself own activate all remaining PC's of Company without online? Am I right? Also MAC uses activation procedure that can only be done on every computer separately? Am I right? Also tell me are these forever or have time limits?

    I hope for the descriptive answer.

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  4. SLICuser

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    Dec 26, 2009
    Regarding Q4:
    With volume licenses there are many types but most fall in to two categories perpetual and SA (software assurance). All current MVL are considered upgrade license and have OEM / retail prerequisite to use. Some enterprises may have early MVL for 95 / NT4 or older that meets the prerequisite license. All MVL follow the licensee not hardware.
    SA licenses are unusually the cheapest, are non-transferable and expire in usually 1 or 3 years. For example Vista Enterprise 1year SA was only $3US per system.
    Perpetual license never expire, are meant to be non-transferable but have fallen under first sale release clauses in most countries. AKA are transferable under the law.

    Some things to be aware of with VA 2.0:
    MAK and KMS dial home to Microsoft every 180 days to reactivate. If a certain number of extra hits occur your key will be automatically black listed and in the MVLA there are clauses for “penalties’ that MS may demand from your enterprise if they feel you have been “negligent” with key security.

    The MAK are used on all systems and are activated and tracked by MS.
    The KMS server is usually ran on MAK system that is part of MVLA. By securing this Key Management Server even your KMS key becomes wild, it probably will not bring down you network unlike with MAK where your companies first notification that the key has become wild will be when all the systems go into reduced functionality mode.
    If you have multiple MVLA you need to keep you number of systems accurate. I had a client that had different MVLA for each facility and accidentally used the same key on two facilities, they did not discover this until after they had accidentally BL their own key, and both facilities went in to reduced functionally mode, needless to say the client dumped Shysta as their OS after this.

    The nightmare that VA 2.0 is the number one reason enterprises are not maintaining their SA and are adopting OEM SLP based images. A55h01e Ballmer tries to blame piracy for their lack of sales; in truth it is enterprises are not upgrading their MVL due to the VA 2.0 clauses. In simple terms avoid VA 2.0 at all costs.
  5. vivek.krishnan

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    Dec 13, 2009
    Its not MAC but MAK : multiple activation key.

    edit: @arddrea : you got it right; didnt see it.
  6. msln

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    Sep 29, 2010
    I dont think, all ativated MS windows are unlimit and forever.
    If MS check genuine, false, it will be deactivated,
    Take care!