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    I have an idea for a new project. This would be similar to the OEM Sources Folder project.

    Lenovo doesn't had out OEM recovery disk with their ThinkPads, they include a service partition on the hard drive. You simply press a button to get to it. The problem with the ThinkPad’s service partition is that it is on the hard disk. When the hard disk breaks [ooops] the recovery partition will be gone too. Also, if you upgrade the hard drive the service partition will not be available on the new harddisk. Or, as in my case, your university will not simply install the one program you need from them; they require a flash of their image, which includes the software [and the dumb!@$ in the back flashes the entire drive, not the partition]. Since many universities these days require laptops, and push Thinkpads, there is a chance that this has happened to more people than just me. So, I have an idea. Lets share. I'll go first.

    If it is possible, let's set a standard drive image. I personally own Active@BootDisk (which I will gladly share). Use whatever you have if you like. I'm sure there are excellent freeware programs that will do the job while running Windows, maybe something like DriveImage XML [which can also be ran from WinPE boot disk]. Problem is, I don't know if they can see the service partition [not active or hidden]. I know Active@ Disk Image can.

    Active@ Disk Image (included in Active@ Boot Disk)

    Norton Ghost

    DriveImage XML

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