Samsung NP530U4C bios recovery, help me pls :(

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    Mar 25, 2013
    I baught my Samsung NP530U4C 2 months ago.
    I wanted put clean Windows 8 install with DVD (no recovery partition) on SSD partition.
    Windows 8 found on SSD partition now but i have a problem with BIOS and UEFI.

    In BIOS I can't select other boot devices - only Windows Boot Manager.
    I try set Fast BIOS disabled and Secure Boot disabled ... all time is only WBM.

    Please help me. How can I fix UEFI and BIOS?
    I have newest BIOS now - A07ABH.
    Can I reflash my BIOS?

    Maybe send me please solution, how i can fix my UEFI (boot priority in BIOS and F2 key).
    Now F2, F10 etc keys not found too.
    Only system startup with SSD partition.

    I can't enter to BIOS and run my system now... I don't know fix it
    Please help me.

    F2 and other keys not found.

    How can I recovery it?
    Notebook has Phoenix Secure Core Tiano bios.

    I don't add links but my youtube video is "ArRcTnwFLGo".
    Look it please. F2 and other not found and system too... I have system on internal SSD.

    I will be thankful, help me

    How keys are recovery bios mode in this model?
    FN+ESC or WIN+B not found.

    Bios is Phoenix SecureCore Tiano
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    Sorry I'm not ususally login, just read and read, so I don't see your pm. I think you fixed it already (I hope), so you should read and try this, for future, just in case :D

    Change boot device maybe it's ESC (slow press and release, repeat until you can see list boot devices, use up/down key, then enter). Read manual shipped with your product, or download on (type in search box, it's should be there).

    Access UEFI BIOS (win 8 way).
    Shift + restart to access recovery menu - Win RE (if you can access win, not this case)
    Boot from win8 installation disc, choose advanced option, or something (I don't use win8, just try once and forgot it)

    After access Win RE menu (use installation disc, etc)

    Choose Troubleshoot, and you can see many menu, change whatever you need (your case is UEFI Firmware).

    And about flash recovery (your flash is ok, the problem is windows). You can read in cat. 25-BIOS-Mods (sticky post bios).

    Warning: Shouldn't mess with BIOS, until your product out of warranty time (The warranty isn't apply for that case, mostly).
    Warning: The hard way, shouldn't try. :eek: (Break warranty seal, so no more warranty).
    - Pull hdd out, cdrom, usb should boot.
    - Pull RAM all out, BIOS will appear with some messages and the keys to enter BIOS setup, mostly.