Samsung SSD 840 Pro - Over Provisioning AFTER Win8 Installation

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by andiherbst, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Jan 11, 2013
    Hi Everybody!

    I recently learned about "over provisioning" when Samsungs Magician Software offered me to dedicate a certain percentage of disk-space for this feature.

    Unfortunately when I first installed the OS I wasn' aware of leaving some space for over provisoning - I just made one big partition on the ssd and installed the OS straight away.

    Will it make any difference if I activate this feature through the Magician Software 4.0 AFTER the OS installation (when the whole space was already partitioned? I have Windows 8 Pro and GPT Paritions.
    I heared many different opinions about that and I'm searching for a reliable answer. Some say that you'll need RAW space that was never partitioned before and stuff ... and that the controller will not recognize it if not done before OS installation...

    In my opinion there should be no difference if I activate this featuire through the Samsung software - the controller should recognize it.

    Additionally, I didn't do a secure erase berfore the OS installation -> is this ok or will this result in any disadvantages?

    Would you recommend to do a fresh installation with secure erase and immediate over provisioning?

    Thx very much for your time!

    Have a great day, andi