"Save As" Dialog Box - Is it Possible to Change the Default View?

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    Oct 21, 2009
    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a question that plagues me from time to time.. and after I submit this post, I shall go to Bed cause its terribly late!!

    Is there ANY WAY to change the default view of the “Save As” Dialog Box so that I can see ALL the other documents within that particular Folder before I save my document?


    I use Word and Notepad frequently..

    --When I’m ready to save a document in Notepad, I typically click on “Save As”.

    --I am then shown all the other “.txt” documents within the folder I am about to save in…


    --If, AFTER clicking on "Save As", I then click on “File of Type”, then choose “All Files”..

    --I then see "ALL" the other Documents within the folder I am about to save in…

    I would prefer THAT option immediately upon entering the "Save As" Dialog Box!! Is that possible? In other words, is there a way to change the default view so that the "Save As" Dialog Box immediately shows the “All Files” option first??

    I understand the importance of saving documents with their proper extension, but because the document title I choose to save with is very relevant to the other documents already saved within this particular Folder, it drives me NUTS that I cannot "initially" see ALL the other documents presently saved within the Folder, BEFORE I "hopefully remember" to click on the "All Files" option...

    Makes sense, I hope!!! :confused: ...Would really appreciate anyone's thoughts or suggestions..

    In case it is relevant, I currently use Microsoft Office Word 2003 and Notepad Version 5.1



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