SCSI Bus Fault & Recovery + Hard Read Errors (RAID 5 + RAID1)

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    Sep 10, 2012
    Hi there,

    usually I wait until the LED turns amber, on HDDs in HP servers, to then hot swap these.

    Usually I recieve the exact same HDDs, with identical firmwares, if I exchange them "hot swap style".

    This time the scenario looks as followed :


    I read dozens of "horror-stories" regarding the "SCSI Bus Fault" messages.

    From exchanged Mainboards and Backplanes, with the error returning anway, to HP themselfs, blaming YOU,
    for using a different firmware on the HDDs you just "hot swapped". How dare you !? :p

    As I wrote, I usually wait for the "Amber Light" to show up on one of the HDDs, to then exchange it.

    But this time, we decided to change the HDDs early, also because the server is running for 5 years by now, showing the "usual" SCSI Bus Fault and the 1st Recovery + Hard Read errors on 2 drives.

    On top of it, the backup battery has died, but looking at the hp management console :
    Disk 0 and Disk 1 both say:
    "Accelerator: Enabled"

    And the Accelerator itself says:
    Status: Permanently Disabled
    Error Code: Cache Disabled capacitor is not attached


    Back to the HDDs, which might lead to a "problem" this time, as already mentioned:
    Different firmwares, on the HDDs I plan to exchange.

    And/Or updating the firmware of existing (defective) drives, before the exchange, with the same model and firmware.

    The firmware-horror-stories reach from "data loss" to "non booting" and I ended up googling and reading all night...which made me end up here again. :)

    I really dont want to use Raid Clone tools, so maybe anyone here who experienced something similar, can enlighten me, regarding the "Firmware Scenario" and why the Backup Battery is Enabled & Disabled at the same time ?


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    Feb 24, 2010
    Possibly dirty SCSI connectors or otherwise bad SCSI connector contact. Maybe a faulty terminator. The error type doesn't even sound like a bad HDD, unless it's a bad HDD circuit board on one or more HDDs or a bad cache on one or more of the HDD circuit boards. And for used HDDs, if obtained recently, may be because of a missing SMD cap or other missing component on an HDD circuit board! (due to mis-handling!)
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    Nov 30, 2014
    in the perc menu are u getting hd failure or hd degradation ...when it come to scsi the firmware u update is the controller card... thats very old server no one runs scsi anymore all newer run ony be 3 thing failing HD, controler card or back plain if the server is real dirty inside remove all the hd and clean it with compress air and plug all the hd back in.