Server 2003 - How to clean up after demoting DC for reload, then add DC again.

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by delta925, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Nov 30, 2010
    We have a small stand-alone internal network with two servers both running Server 2003 standard SP2 ( not R2 ) configured as Domain Controllers for a single domain in the format OURDOMAIN.XYZ where OURDOMAIN=domain name and XYZ=company initials. The first server is also has the HDD's with the data in shared folders that are mapped as network drives on the workstations.

    This domain was set up with a single server by a previous employee no longer with the company. What I do know from the notes is he upgraded from NT server by upgrading the NT server to Server 2003 using the trial version then used 'dcpromo' to make what is now the first server the domain controller, DNS server and DCP server before demoting the old server and taking it off line.

    A while ago we acquired a second server. All I did to add this system was give it a fixed IP address and set 'Preferred DNS' IP to the other server and 'Alternative DNS IP' to point to itself. I then ran 'dcpromo' to set it up as an additional domain controller. 'Manage my Server' then stated 'yes' to 'Domain Controller (Active Directory)' and 'DNS server' but I am not sure that the DNS server function was running correctly.
    I enabled DHCP server to use a different range of IP addresses than the first server.

    While I have time I want to temporarily temporarily remove this second server to do a clean reload of Server 2003. I have demoted it with dcpromo and from 'Manage my server' I can see it is no longer either a domain controller or DNS server.

    However the DNS console on the first server stills shows this demoted server.
    My first question is the correct way of removing all trace of the second server from the first (remaining) server.

    My second question is once I have reloaded the second system and it is back as if a workstation on the domain the correct procedure to promote it to a Domain Controller, DNS server and DHCP server.
    The objective is that should the first server that is the primary DNS server fail this one will take over so users can still log in.

    Should the first server fail depending on the issue I envisage I can either move the data HDD's to this server or load new drives from our backups.

    As always simple steps or links to clear detailed procedures will be appreciated.
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    If you used DCPromo and transferred any FSMO roles you should be fine. Use DCDiag (it might be netdiag in 2003), to make sure that everything is kosher. Use add/remove windows features to remove the DNS server from the box you want to format, then blow it away. If you already have a DHCP server then I would not add another one to the new box, unless you want to set them up in a cluster.