Server 2008 r2 - Issue with administrative rights

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    Hi all!

    I have a server with MS Server 2008 R2 running in a domain. I have created some users which shall have all administrative rights on Client PCs and Server (they are located in a seperate folder in Active directory with special Group policy applied). this "admin-group" is member of following groups:
    -Enterprise admins
    -schema admins
    -domain admins
    -domain users
    -owner creator of group policy.

    Now to the actual question:
    When I log in to my server with one of the admin-users created, I have admin rights but every time I want to start some programs I am asked to accept that it is launched. This happens for example when I start WSUS Console or exchange server console or Forefront security manager...other programs start without problems.

    When I now log in with the default administrator user "Administrator" I don't have to accept to start these programs each time.

    What shall I do to allow the created domain admins to have the same rights as the "Administrator" User ??

    I would be very gratefull for any help :)
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    Add the users in question to local Administrator group

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    May 17, 2011
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    Hi thanks for the answers. I have checked with "net localgroup administrators" and the admin-group is already included into the loacal administrators as stated just before. Yes these promps are from UAC. I will have to look this some deeper how to configure them respective check how they are configured for the local admin...

    just to be clear, this admin-group is only used to perform admin tasks on server and client PC's, they are no normal user accounts for daily use.

    Edit: I changed some values in the group policy which applies for the admin-group and now it works fine! Thanks for your help!