Server 2008R2 can't decide which keyboard layout to use...

Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by foxyrick, Nov 28, 2015.

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    I recently installed 2008R2 on a new SSD in my new ESXi host. I've set the locale and keyboard to English UK, as usual. Everything here is set to that, and of course I have checked and double checked that. I've only recently moved over to 2008R2, from 2003, so perhaps I've missed something...

    Despite the keyboard being set to UK, When I log in to my server over RDP or in vSphere, sometimes (not all the time!) I have to type '@' symbols with the double-quotes key to get my password accepted. I don't get why it's not constant. I log in from a few PCs, but I haven't seen any pattern in the issue related to a specific PC.

    In the language bar, US is still available (even though I thought I had removed it entirely) but UK is selected, and UK keyboard is shown in the input settings.

    Next... typing into notepad gives @ symbols for quotes and vice-versa, similarly for ~ and |. But, typing into Explorer's search bar gives the correct character for the key. Going back to notepad, the keys are reversed. Colour me confused!

    Does anyone have any idea what I've messed up here?