Setting the language selection on setup screen

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    May 20, 2011
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    So I'm trying to modify boot.wim to set languages specs so I don't have to select the options on the first screen.
    Commands go fine but makes the iso unbootable so somewhere I'm going wrong

    @echo off
    Rem "Clearing Existing Directories and Recreating"
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /Cleanup-Mountpoints
    DEL /F /Q "D:\Win81\*.*"
    RD /S /Q  "D:\Win81"
    MKDIR "D:\Win81\"
    MKDIR "D:\Win81\Iso"
    MKDIR "D:\Win81\Mount"
    MKDIR "D:\Win81\BootMount"
    MKDIR "D:\Win81\Wim"
    MKDIR "D:\Win81\BootWim"
    Rem "Extracting Windows Iso & Moving Files"
    "D:\W8.1Tools\7z" x -y -oD:\Win81\Iso "D:\Windows 8.0 Pro Wmc v1.0.iso" 
    Move "D:\Win81\Iso\sources\boot.wim" "D:\Win81\BootWim\" 
    Rem "Mounting Image"
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /mount-wim /wimfile:D:\Win81\Bootwim\boot.wim /index:1 /mountdir:D:\Win81\BootMount
    Rem "Image Mounted"
    Rem Setting Up Windows
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /Image:D:\Win81\BootMount /Set-UILang:en-NZ
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /Image:D:\Win81\BootMount /Set-UILangFallback:en-US
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /Image:D:\Win81\BootMount /Set-Syslocale:en-NZ
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /Image:D:\Win81\BootMount /Set-UserLocale:en-NZ
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /Image:D:\Win81\BootMount /Set-InputLocale:1409:00000409
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /Image:D:\Win81\BootMount /Set-TimeZone:"New Zealand Standard Time"
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /Image:D:\Win81\BootMount /Get-Intl
    xcopy  /s /h /y /k /g /c "D:\W8.1Tools\Files\lang.ini" "D:\Win81\BootMount\"
    Rem "Commiting, Saving And Unmounting Image"
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /unmount-wim /mountdir:D:\Win81\BootMount /commit
    "D:\W8.1Tools\Dism\Dism.exe" /Export-Image /SourceImageFile:D:\Win81\Bootwim\boot.wim /SourceIndex:1 /DestinationImageFile:D:\Win81\iso\sources\boot.wim /compress:maximum
    Rem "Building Iso..."
    "D:\W8.1Tools\oscdimg.exe" -bD:\Win81\iso\boot\ -h -u2 -m -lWindows-8.0-Pro-Wmc D:\Win81\iso "D:\Windows 8.0 Pro Wmc v1.1.iso"
    Rem "Modification Complete"