Setting Up Dell PowerEdge 840 Server - OS Reinstall Help/Advise Needed

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    Sep 6, 2011
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    Greetings community,
    I'm a Newbie here, so bare with me please... I really need help setting up/reinstalling the OS for the following (functional) machine:

    Dell PowerEdge 840 Server w/ Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP2 installed.
    Computer: Intel Xeon Dual Core 3060 CPU @2.40Ghz, 4.00GB RAM Physical Address Extention.

    Looks like there are 3 physical HD's inside - C:74GB, E:MyDocs-150GB, F: Data-150GB, 3.5 Floppy Drive, CD-ROM Drive, 4xUSB ports.


    GOALS: I'd like to possibly use this machine as a Workstation for Photo/Video Editing - Is this possible?

    I've tried (multiple times) to overwrite the OS w/ Windows 7, but the install always fails after the 1st reboot saying some required files are missing...

    QUESTION: Is this a problem with the way the Server is configured, OR
    can anyone PLEASE recommend the "Best" OS to run on a machine like this (that will actually install)?