Setupcomplete install acer drivers/apps

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    Hi all,

    First of all Happy Christmas and hope everyone has such a great time...

    Now i am trying to install some drivers/apps from can call the installer from Setupcomplete.cmd...

    this is what i have to call the installer from setupcomplete

    START %systemdrive%\Acer\Installer.cmd /s
    This is my installer.cmd...

    @Echo on
    echo Installing Acer Drivers and aplications...
    start /wait c:\Manual_install\AHCI_Intel_v.\setup.exe -s /f2c:\manual_install\AHCI_Intel.log
    timeout 40
    start /wait regedit /s  c:\Manual_install\AHCI_Intel_v.\gtf.reg
    start /wait c:\Manual_install\Audio_Realtek(IncludeHDMI)_v.\setup.exe -s /f2c:\manual_install\Realtek.log
    start /wait c:\Manual_install\Camera_Suyin_5.2.7.1_W7x64W7x86_A\setup.exe -s /f2c:\manual_install\Camera_Suyin.log
    start /wait c:\Manual_install\CardReader_Jmicro(JMB385)_v1.00.29.02_Win7x86x64\setup.exe -s /f2c:\manual_install\CardReader_Jmicro.log
    start /wait c:\Manual_install\Modem_Agere_T60M951_v2.2.97_Win7X86X64\setup.exe -s /f2c:\manual_install\Modem_Agere.log
    start /wait c:\Manual_install\Touchpad_Synaptics_13.2.4.12_Win7x86x64_AS7730\setup.exe -s /f2c:\manual_install\synaptics.log
    start /wait c:\Manual_install\CIR_Winbond_8.1.62.3002_Win7x86x64\setup.exe -s /f2c:\manual_install\CIR_Winbond.log
    however this does not install :mad:
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    Bit tired out but here is my 2 pennies for you.
    Have you tried running this in a VM, the "skeleton" of this?
    write 2 cutdown batch files and run with just a simple Echo message just to test it works, then commit the full commands.

    The first code I would use CALL not Start. Call would run the installer.cmd and wait for it to finish before carrying on with the next lines in setupcomplete.cmd
    Maybe it is trying to load and dumping out too fast and setupcomplete is not going to wait for installer.cmd to complete.

    EDIT: Just tried this out in "skeleton" form and works ok

    Quick and dirty setupcomplete.cmd
    @Echo off
    CALL "%systemdrive%\Acer\Installer.cmd"
    Echo Install complete!

    Now the bones of the Installer.cmd that I placed in root of drive in folder called Acer
    :: Turn off Echo command here...
    @Echo off
    :: change the directory to local path script runs from
    pushd "%~dp0"
    :: Give the title to the top bar of the batch file screen
    :: You can lookup use of Color command to change this colour if you wish.
    TITLE Post Installer for Drivers and Applications
    :: Show a little message in the 1st line
    ECHO Installing Acer Drivers and applications...
    :: Now put 2 empty lines to space out the display a little
    :: Now turn Echoing on so you can see some output
    ECHO On
    :: Now run some code here!
    :: Change the path to where the install files are located.
    CD "Install Files"
    :: This is just a test one, change to your lines without all the hardcoded paths.
    Start /Wait TV6.exe
    :: Put the directory path back to the starting point
    popd "%~dp0"
    With this one it should change the path temporarily to the %systemdrive%\Acer folder.
    Then when you have tried this I would then run your commands without the hardcoded C:\Acer paths that you have used (what if the system drive letter was D:\Acer?)

    If you are happy then I would edit the setupcomplete.cmd to cleanup the %systemdrive%\Acer folder after it has been used.
    So setupcomplete.cmd should now read like this when you have done all your testing.
    @Echo off
    CALL "%systemdrive%\Acer\Installer.cmd"
    RD /S /Q "%systemdrive%\Acer"
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