Show me ropes? MXM card issue w/ MSI-AMI bios mod request

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    Aug 13, 2015
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    I'm desperately trying to make a new MXM (ii) based GPU card work. I've been trying to figure out if it's crazy or not to flash the BIOS (edited: it seems like the 9600M GT card should be compatible, because 8600M GT and 9300M GS cards work. The SBIOS isn't filling anything out for the host/card.)

    And searching for that I came across "MSI-AMI bios mod requests" somehow, and this looks like just the place I want to be!

    But I'm unsure how this forum works. I see the requests but I'm not sure what most of them are requesting or what happens when the requests are fulfilled--if that's common or uncommon (I'm surprised that most of the requests don't look like MXM related requests.)

    Here (threads/5865-MSI-AMI-bios-mod-requests-post-here?p=1120058&viewfull=1#post1120058) is my request. I have experience working with x86 assembly code myself, so I can take instructions easily. I will gladly pay a small sum of money if that helps. I'm looking at losing about 30$ or more if I have to return the card in a few days (but I can wait if there is promise of a fix)