SLIC 2.1 + XRM + SLP KEY trouble

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    Hello all.

    I have a question and i might need some help. :)

    I downloaded bios with description.......

    Abit KN9 Ultra ver 23 (2007/11/19)

    Used Award Slic Tool v1.10

    SLP: Hewlett-Packard, IBM CORPORATION, Compaq, AcerSystem, LENOVO
    SLIC v2.1: HP

    Method: 0+2, default options

    Note: The included HP.XRM-MS is for Vista, not Win7

    And here is the problem there is no HP ultimate SLP key.

    Jet another problem "Note: The included HP.XRM-MS is for Vista, not Win7" how can i find this that matches my bios.

    And what key should i use with that file above.

    OS is W7 ultimate 7600.

    Should i try to make this work or i should maybe ask someone to compile me
    a dell version of bios with matching dell ultimate slp key and cert.

    Many Thanks,

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    Find the certificates here -

    Use any Ultimate key here -
  2. iNO12

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    Go to and download SLIC 2.1 BINS.7z

    Open it and browse to the HP folder, then the certificate folder. There you will find the 2.1 certificate (.XRM-MS) that will work with both Windows 7 and Vista.

    Once you have installed that certificate you should go here:

    Install one of the Ultimate keys listed there, except the LENOVO/IBM (Old) one. The manufacturer for the key does not matter, any key works as long as it is for your edition (e.g. an ultimate key for windows 7 ultimate).

    For instructions on how install the certificate and the key go to the repository:
    Look for part F-a and F-b :)
  3. Thanks to you all it worked.

    My coworker will be very happy.

  4. moonburn

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    Jul 27, 2009
    Hmmm... still no Packard Bell certs? I do have SLIC 2.1, but can I use a PB Vista certificate in combination with any (except Lenovo) Ultimate key? I thought that was not possible (Packard Bell only has a key for Home Premium).
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