Soltech PT21 Phoenix Bios Wont flash Part id not found in table of supported parts

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    Feb 27, 2011
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    i have a netbook with no model but i found the model as Soltech PT21 but it shows as ESP Corporation NP11
    this was bought as a sony netbook to find its a fake. so its been rebranded DMI ?

    -Manufacturer: ESP
    -Motherboard Model: NP11
    -Bios version: 2.05.T.101011
    -EC version : 2.13.T.101215
    -M/B Version NP11 C
    -Bios Type: Phoenix BIOS
    -Bios Download Link: None due to no model
    -RW Everything Report Download Link: mediafire /?j64bz0abc6gc4rc

    Bios screens and boot screens
    booting logo missing shows > i52.tinypic. /2ajribr.jpg
    bios main i55.tinypic. /21mrddi.jpg
    bios advanced i56.tinypic. /15fkk8g.jpg
    bios boot menu i52.tinypic./10y126a.jpg
    after post (bios summary screen) i54.tinypic. /1zgas12.jpg

    the bios i found wont flash
    with error: Part id not found in table of supported parts
    i see it wants devel35p as the part id.

    according to winphlash i have 2 chips.. W25X80 (001200EF) and MX25l800 (001300C2)
    EDIT: wrong info of chips.. i didnt know wtf i was looking at.. the netbook is dead and its a fake.