SOLVED: Bios request for Sony VGN-Z670N

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    Nov 28, 2013
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    Ok I ended up finding a Windows Vista install disk and installed windows vista. I was then able to install R4044M3 using the Sony windows install package. I then re-installed windows 7. BSODS have stopped.



    Need a little help here. I have a Sony VGN-Z670N that I'm upgrading from XP to Windows 7. I got Windows 7 installed, but then it started BSOD'ing at almost every boot.

    I thought it might be a bios issue. It currently has R3054M3. The sony website lists R4044M3 as the latest version for this laptop. Internet searches seem to indicate that R5031M3 may work as well.

    Sorry it won't let me post links to the download sites for these bios since I'm a new member. But you can find them by easily with google, or PM me and I can email you whatever you need.

    I tried installing these with the windows installers from windows 7 when I managed to get it to boot, but it gives an error message that the driver can't be found.

    I thought I would extract the rom out of the install, and install from a dos prompt by booting to a usb drive. This seems to work except the rom files are 1.6MB and the flash utility is expecting a 4MB file. The existing bios dump is 4MB. I don't know enough about bios to know what needs to happen with these rom files to get them in the format the command line flash utility wants.

    I tried booting into BartPE hoping I could run the windows executable, but BartPE blue screens right at the point it's about to start.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I tried searching, but all the links in the threads about these bioses are dead already.


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    cant find driver = remove dvd drive, try usb win 7 installer
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    Nov 28, 2013
    Not sure what you're trying to get me to do. I was able to install Windows 7 from the DVD. However the bios updater doesn't work in Windows 7. I'm not able to get Win XP booted up. I've tried BartPE, I've also tried XP running off a USB HDD that I have.

    I was hoping I could somehow convert the R4044M3.rom file I pulled out of the installer which is 1.6MB into the 4MB file the dos command line flash program wants, but I can't figure out how to do that.

    Or.. somehow boot into XP and run the windows installer, but I've had no luck there either.

    Could you explain a little more detail on what unplugging the CD rom will accomplish. I actually did try unplugging the HDD since the BSOD message complains about HDD, but that didn't help.