[Solved] Custom PC having weirdness going on... Event Viewer fulminating with errors

Discussion in 'Windows 7' started by Drakonas, May 15, 2014.

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    Hello all,
    I built this PC a few months back, and reinstalled due to weirdness going on. The problems seem to be facing again, even hours after running.

    I have install the Windows 7 SP1 VL build found here:
    I double-checked the hashes, and they are clean. I even re-burned and verified a new, unscratched, DVD for installing with.

    50% of my RAM is filled by the Mapped File, Kaspersky is having constant hard faults, harddisk drivers are failing.... I don't know where to start. Any help would be appreciated. Even a pointer to something that could help would be nice... Thank you.

    Here is a complete system log:
    (Click on the expert link to view my system information, processes, event viewer logs, and the like.)

    Sorry, the system won't let me post links unless I have 20 posts... I am an IT Support guru. Why the limit if you're allowing support threads? It makes it a pain to share information with you... Excuse my brevity. I've had a rough day...
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    Try to reinstall the application that are marked with red or try using another antivirus.
    and run the full update for your system;
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    Perhaps best to post your RAM allocation at startup... without Chrome loaded. Give the machine 1-2 mins to settle also.
    The event logs I read point to the faults with the controller for the hard drive. Could just be a duff SATA cable? Any BIOS updates for the mobo? Latest chipset drivers loaded etc.

    You could burn Kaspersky rescue CD from a known good computer, then boot your machine from this to scan without the interference of Windows.
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    Sorry that I haven't updated this. I've posted in another forum, and mainly updated there. I found the problem, and it's not the Mapped File usage. It's the Non-paged usage (drivers), mainly the RAPID Mode feature from my Samsung SSD (allows cachine applications AND files to DRAM for fast transfer to the SSD... but seems to have repercussions), and a Broadcom wireless driver memory leak, among other things.

    Conclusion post from another forum: sevenforums.com/hardware-devices/331568-help-mapped-file-using-half-my-8gb-ram-cpu-usage-unknown-progs.html#post2781453

    You may need to login there to see the rest of the images. Sorry.