[Solved] Deskjet 3650 Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) - Simply wont install (WU / manual)

Discussion in 'PC Hardware' started by itsmemario1, Dec 21, 2016.

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    net start deviceinstall
    revo uninstaller portable
    device manager> view> show hiden devices then uninstall the printer and imaging fax.
    ms troubleshooter for install uninstall a program.. remove all hp junk
    try that and if still fails then use windows repair portable in safemode with net and defaults.

    just look for "driver invalid data 1 device install service" fix .. has to do with permissions of services
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    Well unplug everything uninstall all that hp crap drivers and software..
    The reason "the OS" is not doing because probably something wrong with your windows update or even basic drivers are not available for your printer yet.. and probably never will.. if its old..
    Most of the times basic drivers are pre ready to install in the device and automatically go for those basic drivers when you plug the dam thing in..
    But for new OS even basic ones sometimes are incompatible with the new OS. Easy and quick fix would be to go to your printer's offical web site and look for drivers for your OS.
    And if it's not available even basic ones then basically your f***ed..
    What you can do is run drivers and software for that printer in virtual box or use similar software for emulating on older operating system wich is compatable with your printer.

    I personally have an very old scanner and the software, drivers for it goes all the way back to windows 98/2k but i have managed somehow to run everything without the any heavy problems on the windows 7.

    Well anyway good luck :)
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    and thanks for the options.

    I used the 3600 (LIDIL) drivers from Windows Update this time.

    But installing the 3600 series (LIDIL) hands me a "The Printer is in an error state" when clicking "Print Test Page". :g:

    But as mentioned, it works just fine using Win 7 Pro.

    Now, for whatever reason, I cleaned the (already clean) printheads and removed minimal ink waste from inside of the
    printer. This box, that "collects" old ink remnants, making sure there are no sensors or electrics or whatsoever around,
    that could tell the printer that there was ink waste on the ground. x'D

    Re-attaching the printer to the Windows 8.1 PC, I heard the USB Sound...and I could now click print test page...and it would print.:eek:
    It works like a charme now.

    Ah well....no idea what to say...