Solved - How to remove Get Started ?

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    Ok, I found the solution:

    in the folder:


    you edit the file (you must take ownership of that file and give total control permission ex: for administrators):


    Remove the section that is related to GetStarted, the whole section:

    <Application Id="WebExperienceHost" ...

    Then save, restore permission and restore original ownership ("NT Service\TrustedInstaller").

    Unfortunately, the Icon for Get Started will still be in the start menu.

    I don't know how to remove it.

    The only solution to not have this icon was to mount the install.wim from installation (using DISM), and do the procedure described above, then unmount saving change to install.wim.

    This way when you install windows, there is no more Get Started apps or icon.

    Tested this in a VM.
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    I still retain a copy... and managed to get a copy of your latest $OEM$ pack
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    i have the same question: how to fully remove the get started app from Win11?
  7. LiteOS Plus Drew84 knows that . I am just a learner like you not a administrator at any system :)
    Both of them are MDL experts. Pl Pm them for query regarding many ways they know to remove non removable system apps from w10 or w11 online os.

    for offline wim index inboxapps removal abbodi1406 has shared his reg tweak years ago on MSMG thread & is still working like a charm.
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    I have only memory trashed by this shame... but nothing to do... MS inserted this as "best not to remove" otherwise... for sure, problems.