[Solved] IDM not showing 'Download this Video' Popup in chrome, Mozilla.

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    System is clean installed.
    idm chrome Mozilla have latest version.
    idm extension is properly integrated in browsers.and idm is catching downloads properly but video download popup is not appearing in chrome and Mozilla.
    btw in edge video download popup is appearing.

    anyone can confirm if its working fine in their system?
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    Dec 31, 2015

    IDM usually works fine if the website visited allows downloads, some do not.
    Sometimes it indeed happens that the pop-up (I use Ff) does not work, then so far it has always been a question of updating IDM.
    That is my experience after using IDM for several years now, if it will work for you, I cannot say.
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    After thorough testing, finally i located the problem.
    after installing idm, system needs to be restart to able to download videos with idm.

    but in my case that is not the only problem.
    i've avira vpn which caused problem in idm.

    if i start the vpn first and then start chrome to download videos, it wont show panel to download videos.
    even if i start the vpn then close it and then start chrome, it wont work either.

    but if i start chrome first and visit youtube page so download panel can appear, and then start vpn, in that case download this video panel will keep working, but if i close chrome and start again while connected to vpn, it wont show the download video panel.
    i suppose avira vpn and idm drivers are conflicting.

    same case with mozilla.

    but in edge, vpn is not causing any problem in download this video panel in either case.(bcoz edge (uwp app) has different structure than normal apps)

  3. @az1982
    thanks but as i mentioned above, i already solved it.(i need vpn bcoz various sites are banned here)