[Solved] Looking for UpdBios Utility by Silicon Image

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    Oct 6, 2022
    I'm looking for old DOS UpdBios Utility by Silicon Image. There was at least v2.3, found some readme.txt on the web archive...

    Instructions for Using DOS UpdBios Utility
    Updated: 2/21/03

    The UpdBios.exe DOS utility can be used to create BIOS binary code for
    add-on card from the motherboard BIOS binary code. The correct
    signature will be created and saved in the output BIOS binary code based
    on user inputs.

    The UpdFlash.exe command line syntax is as follows:

    updbios input_file_name output_file_name bios_type

    input_file_name is the input binary file name
    output_file_name is the output binary file name
    bios_type is B for non-raid BIOS
    R for raid BIOS

    UpdBios.exe will prompt the user to select product for which the output
    BIOS binary code will be used. This program supports SiI 0680, SiI 3112,
    SiI 3512, and SiI 3114 controller chips.

    If the user wishes to add their logo in the BIOS code or change vendor id
    and product id, just select the appropriate menu item the program displays
    on the screen and type in the corresponding information. The user input will
    be saved in the output BIOS binary code.
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