[Solved] What is needed to add to manually created BCD, when OS drive uses BitLocker

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    I have the following configuration:

    1 HDD MBR:
    1 - 350MB System Reserved NTFS Active
    2 - The rest of space - BitLocker OS drive

    I am creating BCD manually by:

    bcdboot W:\Windows /s S:
    bootsect /nt60 S: /force /mbr

    but 1s after booting I get BSOD:

    WINLOAD.EXE wasn't located.

    (I restored the backed-up partitions [raw processed - bit2bit is same]), but I need to boot.) :))

    So question is:

    What has to be added to System Reserved Drive (with BCD) after "bcdboot W:\Windows /s S:", when I need to access/start from OS drive with BitLocker? ie: How to add BitLocker support to BCD manually in command line?


    Of course when I will decrypt OS partition on another PC and then create BCD, I will be able to boot, but ir is too slow way...
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    Aug 31, 2009
    I have solved that.

    The mistake was that in the bcdboot W:\Windows /s S: I used such source installation, where was same type OS (W8-1-1) but not on BitLocker drive. I was lazy to mount BitLocker drive and thought, that for same OS the boot files will be same.

    So at the end I got correct BCD but without BitLocker support.