[Solved] Windows Server - HID I2C

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    Jul 27, 2022
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    Nevermind - got it to work after really reading and understanding what people had been doing.
    So big thanks to this forum, my touchpad is working now.
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    Apr 25, 2023
    Well I never - the export of the registry keys from Windows 11 Pro along with copying hidi2c.sys from the Windows 2019 ISO/WIM worked. The enum key was different on my system but you can get that from the first registry export.


    I have wasted hours on this - wasted because this is a test of my home DR plan where I need to bring up a virtual machine on my laptop in case my dev server fails - an USB mouse would have worked fine :) But sometimes this things become man against machine and principle of it all!

    Didn't work first time but then I realised I'd copied the sys file to system32 and not system32\drivers.

    So thanks for this really esoteric bit of work.
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    Aug 16, 2023
    I've spent several days on this thread, and finally got my (Elan) trackpad/mousepad to work on HP Zbook running Windows Server 2022. My scenario was a little different compared to others, so I thought I would share. I am also simplifying the process as much as possible, because after attempting all suggestions in this thread, I found some of the steps not necessary in my case.
    First of all I was trying to install Windows Server 2022 OS on a new laptop directly, not in a VM hosted on my local machine laptop. As stated in previous posts, copying out the registry entries would not work in this scenario as the dev ID/enum keys listed in the registry entries would be different. I also found I did not need to download/install PSEXEC because I was not copying the registry keys as others have done. So after all that, here are the steps I performed in order:

    As stated previously in this thread, Windows Server 2022 OS is missing the hidi2c.inf and hidi2c.sys files necessary for any trackpad/mouspad to work. These should be located in C:\Windows\INF and C:\Windows\System32\drivers respectively, but they are not there.

    Where are they? Still stuck on the Windows Server OS Install disc.

    You will now need to use 7-zip and your personal laptop/desktop to extract the files out of {iso disc path}\sources\boot.wim file (under same paths listed above). Extract boot.wim file using 7-zip and locate both hidi2c.inf and hidi2c.sys and copy those to the USB thumb drive.

    Now (thanks to post from @terminal2000) you need to modify the hidi2c.inf file so it will install properly in Windows Server 2022. Make a backup of the original copy first, and then modify line 41 and line 43 and remove "..1" from "NTamd64...1".

    Line 41 should now read: %MSFT%=Microsoft,NTamd64

    Line 43 should now read: [Microsoft.NTamd64]

    Save the file and you are now ready to install the modified inf and unmodified sys files.

    Now installing these files on the new server laptop is just as complicated.

    Start by rebooting the server, but hold down the "SHIFT" key while clicking reboot from the Windows Start Menu.

    When the special "Choose an Option" blue screen comes up, select "Troubleshoot" icon. Then under "Advanced Options", select "Startup Settings". Then click the "Restart" button.

    Once the new laptop reboots select the "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" option.

    Now open an ADMINISTRATOR PowerShell command prompt

    Change Directory (CD) to the USB thumb drive path that contains the modified hidi2c.inf and unmodified hidi2c.sys files. These should be together under the same path/directory.

    Now type this command: pnputil.exe /add-driver .\hidi2c.inf /install

    You will then get a pop-up warning not to install unsigned or distrusted drivers. IGNORE THE WARNING and proceed with the install. Since the driver came from Windows Server 2022 OS Installation CD, there are no problems with this driver not being signed.

    You should see output stating the driver was installed successfully.

    Reboot the laptop server again, and voila, your trackpad/mousepad should be working now, and no more unknown drivers should be listed under Device Manager.

    Hope this helps others!