SONY VAIO FS-215E BIOS problems

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by wacapou, Mar 22, 2013.

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    Mar 22, 2013
    I have big problems with BIOS of SONY VAIO FS-215E.
    Having forced to make an updating of BIOS I was victim of a freeze during this updating.
    Since the PC is absolutely out of order, it does not start even any more on support of the key to power.
    I realized that by disconnecting the CMOS battery it was possible to launch a floppy CRISIS in kickoff after break of electrical feeding.
    I recovered the file BIOS (R0044J1. WPH) from the site of downloading of SONY. Unfortunately this famous file R0044J1.WPH seems to work with none of the different versions of PHLASH16.EXE at my disposition, even afterwards patch to replace the chain " VAIO " with "ZFPLF" in the BIOS file as waited by PHLASH16.EXE.
    In the launching of the PC the floppy launches, the file BIOS loads and nothing takes place, the PC is always HS.
    If somebody knows emergency BIOS compatible with the PC and PHLASH16.EXE or else if there is a PHLASH16.EXE program compatible with R0044J1. WPH I would be very thankful to him for informing about it me.
    I contacted the technical services of SONY which said to me that the only resolution was to unsolder EPROM and to re-program it with the aid of a programme machine... For my part I find it rather scandalous ...
    Good evening.