Spammer gets owned

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    (theres so much ppl reading it that the server at times is overloaded you'll have to wait..)

    for those who cant get on/cant read thru 26 pages of gold, here is the timeline upto page 15....

    Cliff's note

    Page 1
    – Spammer NSX_NICK tries to peddle his website by bragging he’s made a bunch of money and bought a NSX for $63k in cash.

    – Spammer gets exposed as owner of said website and his name is Nick Sitko.

    – NSX_NICK denies identity and address.

    Page 2
    – NSX_NICK gets exposed for lying about paying in cash.

    – A Nick Sitko is found on South Carolina Sex Offenders website.

    Page 3
    – Nick Sitko is found on

    – Thread starts to spread around the interweb.

    Page 4
    – NSX_NICK attempts damage control still denies identity and address and the fact that he’s a pedo. He’s still claiming that he bought the NSX with $63K in a suitcase full of 20s.

    Page 5
    – NSX_NICK lies some more against direct evidence.

    Page 6
    – NSX_NICK lies some more while being a condescending douche, bragging about his income and new Porsche 911.

    Page 7
    – NSX_NICK gets exposed for lying about his income by his postings in other threads.

    – NSX_NICK’s lie bout not owning the poker site advertised in his profile is exposed when pictures of his NSX is found in the site’s image directories.

    Page 8
    – Nick Sitko myspage page is found. His picture matches the sex offender websites and his myspace is peddling the same gambling sites, proving conclusively what we knew all along that Nick Sitko the spammer/gambler and Nick Sitko the pedo is one and the same.

    – Anonymous poster ran the tag of Nick’s NSX and it comes back to a Nick Sitko with the same exact address as the spammer/pedo, proving conclusively that the poster NSX_NICK is in fact Nick Sitko the pedo spammer. Anonymous poster also discovers Nick’s NSX has a lien holder on it.

    Page 9 and 10
    – Nick Sitko still denies his own identity, but gets caught deleting his NSX pictures from the poker site’s directory.

    Page 11
    – User Kevin1965 pops up, poses as a random stranger and defends Nick, citing libel, defamation etc. One can safely assume this is one of Nick’s acquaintances or it’s Nick himself.

    Page 12
    – Kevin1965 gets exposed for cutting and pasting from a Defamation of Character article.
    Kevin 1965, total stranger, then claim he just spoke with Nick’s attorney and proceeds to defend Nick’s pedophile charges.

    Page 14
    – Kevin1965 gets his lies thoroughly exposed by a real attorney.

    – More corroborating evidence from Nick’s mechanic, proving NSX_NICK and Nick Sitko the spammer pedo are one and the same.
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    Haha another one on the list. This everywhere now!!!! 100% classic. This will go down in internet history.
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    Haha another one on the list. This everywhere now!!!! 100% classic. This will go down in internet history.;):confused:;):confused:
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    THanks for posting this. not only is it funny. but i love it when ppl like that get their butts handed to them.
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    uh .... wats a NSX ?
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    A fun sports car built by Honda, or Acura in the US.
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    Great car! Very posh! I want the same!:D