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    Hi all, I'm new.
    I have a Sony Vaio VPCEB4C5E, and I never received a BIOS update (and there's no downloadable BIOS on Sony support site).
    I've dumped with afuwin my BIOS (AMI APTIO), it dumps only the second half of it (why?), and it can be opened correctly by AMIBCP and MMTool.
    For safety reason I've just ordered a SPI programmer (GZUt OnePro) that support my chip (Winbond 25Q32BV series) and made a full dump just today (It self recognize's the chip).
    I've opened this one with AMIBCP and MMTool but it does not show nothing except the CPU Microcodes section. I've also split the BIOS in two parts just to obtain the second one and it is DIFFERENT from the one dumped with afuwin! Also the second part can be opened with the two tools but again it shows only the CPU Microcodes.

    Anyone can help me to know why? What should I do?

    PS: I want to buy another chip to have a dual BIOS solution to work on, like as was done on Dreamcast.
    PS2: By removing the main and CMOS battery the only thing that was gone was the clock, but settings remain. By reading the diagrams I've found 3 EEPROMs, could some NVRAM settings be stored there instead that on the main BIOS chip? My programmer seems support them, I'll try to dump later.


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