Split-Second (Xbox 360)

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    Jul 16, 2010
    Today, we are going to look into a new release that we played on Xbox 360 called Split/Second. It is an arcade racing game with a fairly interesting twist. Everything blows up.
    In an age of remakes and sequels eating up both the movie and video game markets this game has a fairly original concept, with a very simple premise, drive fast and try not to die. Players take part in a fictional reality TV show on large scale courses designed to be destroyed.
    The game play is structured like a television show. There are 12 episodes in a season and each episode has different 'events.' These range from simple races to running from military attack helicopters. There is also a game mode where you have to pass giant Mac Trucks that are tossing exploding barrels at you.
    The environment is more interactive than anything I have seen in a racing game. To give you an idea of its scale, in one board you can explode the track out from under you only to be put on a runway underneath a crashing B-52 bomber. In another board, you explode a giant CN Tower only to race into it and use it as a jump.