Split WinISO utility fo Spliting ESD/WIM/SWM files

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    Split WinISO :
    Description :
    This Windows tool will convert Windows Install ISO files containing large (>4GB) .ESD or .WIM files into a .ISOfile containing smaller split-wim (.SWM) files suitable for use on FAT32 filesystems.

    Specification :
    Windows utility which can take a Windows Install ISO (or extracted folder) and convert it into another ISO (or to an E2B FAT32 .imgPTN file if you have the Easy2Boot MPI Tool Kit installed).
    - The useful thing about this app is that it will split a large Install.WIM, Install.SWM or install.ESD file into split SWM files automatically. THIS MEANS THAT THE RESULTING FILES CAN BE USED ON A FAT32 FILESYSTEM (e.g. for UEFI-booting).
    - Works on the Microsoft ISOs that contain both \x86 and \x64 folders (with two Install.ESD\WIM files)
    - Converts SWM\ESD\WIM to .SWM automatically.
    - Easy2Boot compatible
    - just copy the .exe file into the MPI ToolKit folder and run it from there
    - Do not run two or more instances simultaneously as it will make the system crash and the engine load is very high resource.
    - Compressor to Convert ESD, split WIM and merge SWM file. LZD and LZMS compression gives best performance
    - Supports converting mixed Install.ESD and Install.WIM files when found in same ISO.
    - Portable application (no installation required)

    Supports official MS ISOs
    1. x86\sources\install.esd + x64\sources\install.esd
    2. x86\sources\install.wim + x64\sources\install.wim
    3. x86\sources\install.swm + x64\sources\install.swm
    4. install.esd
    5. install.wim
    6. install.swm

    Supports All-in-One ISOs (AIO)
    1. x86\sources\install.esd + x64\sources\install.wim
    2. x86\sources\install.esd + x64\sources\install.swm
    3. x86\sources\install.wim + x64\sources\install.esd
    4. x86\sources\install.wim + x64\sources\install.swm
    5. x86\sources\install.swm + x64\sources\install.esd
    6. x86\sources\install.swm + x64\sources\install.wim

    CONVERT Button Function: (ISO or the extracted folder)
    1. ESD files -> converted into a large WIM files -> split into small SWM files -> create New ISO or imgPTN (FAT32)
    2. Large Wim files -> split into small SWM files -> create a new ISO or imgPTN (FAT32)
    3. Large SWM files -> merge into single WIM files -> re-split into smaller SWM files -> create New ISO or imgPTN (FAT32)

    Program action:
    1. Extract files from ISO or DVD/CD/Folder
    2. Convert ESD files (if present) into WIM files and then split into smaller SWM files.
    3. Merge large SWM files (if present) into WIM files and then re-split into smaller SWM files.
    4. Split any large WIM files into smaller SWM files.
    5. Save as ISO file (or .imgPTN file for use with Easy2Boot)
    6. (optional for Easy2Boot) Inject winpeshl.ini and Mysetup.cmd into boot.wim

    Because all files will be less than 4GB, they can now be UEFI-booted from a FAT32 drive volume.

    1. A Win 7/8/10 system is required.
    2. ImDisk - download and install imdisk.
    3. Administrator access rights required.
    4. Use official Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Install ISOs.
    5. 32-bit + 64-bit combined ISOs are supported.
    6. Multiple-image ESD\WIM files are supported.
    7. Requires drive U: to be a free drive letter

    Convert to ISO:
    1. Select source - use the ISO button or the PATH button to select a DVD/Folder containing Windows Installer files.
    2. The size and type of ESD\WIM files should now be displayed: x86 = \x86\Sources\Install.
    * size+type (ESD\WIM) x64 = \x64\Sources\Install.
    * size+type (ESD\WIM) BOTH = \Sources\Install.
    * size+type (ESD\WIM)
    3. Set the Split Size in MB, between 3-5 digit (e.g. 4000). For FAT32, do not exceed 4000.
    4. Press the 'CONVERT' Button.

    1. The Easy2Boot MPI Tool Pack is required
    2. Copy this application .exe file into the MPI Tool Pack folder and run it.
    You should now see a new MPI button as well as the CONVERT button.

    CONVERT - converts large ESD\WIM files, you can save it as a FAT32 .imgPTN for Easy2Boot or as an .ISO file.
    MPI - save as FAT32 or NTFS .imgPTN file but DOES NOT SPLIT LARGE FILES

    Modification of boot.wim (optional):
    1. Both the CONVERT and MPI buttons will also offer you the option to add the files MySetup.cmd and Winpeshl.ini into the boot.wim image #2 (Setup) file.
    2. Some sample .XML files and the \Auto.cmd will also be copied to the root of the USB drive.
    These will require changing by the user before use.
    3. This allows the user to choose from a selection of XML files (e.g. to install Home or Pro, etc.). For more details, see
    http: //www .easy2boot .com/add-payload-files/automating-windows-install-from-imgptn-files

    1. Some antivirus and firewalls may block this tool. Please disable or whitelist as required.
    2. Some Microsoft ISOs may not support split WIM files.
    If you find such an ISO, please use WinNTSetup instead.
    3. When converting a .ESD to .WIM, the process will consume very high amounts of CPU and RAM resources which may drastically slow down your system.
    4. '[WARNING] Failed to enable short name support’ - this warning is normal and can be ignored.

    Bug Report :
    1. Some antivirus and firewall may block this tool, because and there is a file of nircmd.exe indeed from their website that the Statement, Sometimes Antivirus scanner reports that a program is infected with a virus or Trojan, even when the program is not really infected with any malicious code
    http : // www nirsoft net /false_positive_report html
    2. If during your conversion process to stop or cancel or occur corrupt,This application further can not be executed perfectly, it is because there are still scars the Windows installation files are still left in your computer system that is not completely wasted.

    1. Please disable or whitelist as required. (it was a "False Positif" or False Alert")
    2. Perform manual removal of the entire file or folder in the Temp folder, by enabling the take ownership of the folder and remove the read only and hidden attributes. Reboot your computer and then Run the application.

    Input and advice will be needed - please feedback any issues.

    Latest Version : v1.1.0 (16 Mb) 2017/03/28

    Change Log :
    + Changes to the theme (including icons, and buttons)
    + Addition Column Image (value index)
    + Additional features View Info (description of all the files installed)
    + Detection of applications already open.

    https: // drive .google . com/drive/folders/0B-5IPvYHP3gzd0NCbUFwVllVUU0

    Version : v1.0.9 (11 Mb) 2017/03/19
    Version : v1.0.8 (11 Mb) 2017/03/18
    Version : v1.0.7 (11 Mb) 2017/03/12
    https: // drive .google.com/open?id=0B-5IPvYHP3gzZ3J2RzhPTnhWc0E

    Version : v1.0.6 (11 Mb) 2017/03/11
    https: // drive .google .com/open?id=0B-5IPvYHP3gzUTlMWEJtYWEyLXM

    Version : v1.0.5 (11 Mb) 2017/03/9
    https: // drive .google.com/open?id=0B-5IPvYHP3gzdkk4MjdhZ01UbEk
    Scrennshoot :