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    I have a 250 ssd that I want to transfer my OS win7 64bit and all programs to a larger 500 gig ssd ,now the question can I plug the new ssd into the sata port and transfer that way or do I need to buy one of those plugs that transfer through the usb port I'll be using Paragon Migrate.
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    Might be best to clone it.
    Just connect it to your sata port on the motherboard like you would any other drive, that would be the quickest way.
    You can do that with Paragon Drive Copy if you own it or use the free version of Macrium

    Edit: be sure your going to clone the right drive, get it wrong and you'll lose everything
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    use paragon and do a complete image of the entire 250gb hdd and restore it to the new 500gb drive. It will take care of all the work.

    I would suggest, but not entirely necessary.. removing the 250gb drive once you image it prior to restoring the image to the 500gb drive. Afterwards you can plug the 250gb back in again and format it (or whatever you choose to do with it).