Steam (and other client) games without client?

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    I'm not a heavy gamer, but I do enjoy playing them when I have time. I've played most of the Fallout series, Tomb Raider games, and started TES with Morrowind. Occasionally reinstall some of the of older titles that are still on physical media, but everything is going to client software and digital download. My concern is that someday these clients will go under and will no longer have access to those titles.

    Titles I have at the moment are:

    Fallout NV, 4 with DLC (Steam)
    Fallout 1, 2, BOS (Bethesda Launcher) *Have there's on physical media to, but there versions work better with later OS*
    TES Skyrim with DLC (Steam)
    Tomb Raider 2013 with DLC (Steam)
    Shadow of the Tomb Raider with DLC (Steam)

    Have others, but those are the main games I care about being able to replay. I'm sure more will come in the future on both Steam and Bethesda.

    So has anyone devised a way to backup these games and make them playable without the client?

    As long as I have access to the client and internet is prefer to install and play that way. If the client goes under or I'm no longer able to access internet (I live out in the sticks, ISPs suck) is still like to be able to install and play my games even if it doesn't include the latest updates
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    I don't run a client and probably won't. Unfortunately the way of games on PC is going fully client based. The future for me is not looking bright unless I cave and start using Steam or something. I just don't play games enough to justify running a client like that and I don't like how the software inserts itself into my computer and games anyway. legally sells a lot of DRM free stand-alone games and I have several of them. They're always older releases. I keep my collection backed up on an archive disk because they can be hard if not impossible to recover if you lose any of them.

    Sometimes I get them off torrents which is piracy, but for the old games I run I don't think anyone cares. In any case you can find a lot of client games with the client protection cracked allowing them to run stand-alone. The illegal way is the only way I know of to run those games without the client.