Stop Smoking?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by floonoIdeogue, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Kesantielu

    Kesantielu MDL Novice

    Oct 12, 2022
    I never smoked
  2. haz367

    haz367 MDL Addicted

    Jan 11, 2020
    Good for you....Don't harasse other people....(No pun intended)
  3. Enthousiast

    Enthousiast MDL Tester

    Oct 30, 2009
    Stopped since January 8th 2023, saved me approx. €2500 euro :D
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  4. 55Percent

    55Percent MDL Novice

    Mar 12, 2023
    I think I'd like to share an experience and it seems this is a good thread for this story, as it relates to smoking tobacco.

    I was once given a sort of special audience with a royal family type in Japan for services rendered, which don't need explaining here. But one thing I received, and this was about 35 or so years ago --- one thing they gave me was two of these little packages of cigarettes --- a smallish white package of maybe 10 in each and with the little gold chrysanthemum being the only thing you could see on that all white package. So in those days I smoked tobacco off-and-on and eventually I realized I wasn't going to be able to keep those two very special packages without the tobacco going really bad and opened one and fired it up and what a shock --- like no tobacco I'd ever smoked. So super strong. But a good strong, not a bad strong. That might not make sense to some folks, but I have lived in some areas where the nation was just getting back on its feet and the new tobacco companies of that nation were marketing cigarettes that were sort of strong, but rather a bad sort of strong. I figured that special tobacco those royal folks were giving out must be some super high class stuff that most folks never get to smoke.

    Another surprise with that special tobacco gift came when I decided to share some of the cigarettes with some pilots in the SDF and the first time when this fella saw where it was coming from --- that little white package --- he handled that one cigarette in such a way it made me sort of scared.

    Funny thing, by the way, we used to get small packs of cigarettes in our c-rations some 50 years ago. I doubt the military does that now and probably that royal family stopped handing out that special tobacco. But an interesting experience, to be sure.

    Back on topic, when I quit, I just quit. No special tricks, just quit. I think I quit about ten years or so before the lymphoma trouble started about 5 years ago, so probably no connection between the tobacco intake and the cancer. But some docs think I may have had the trouble due to exposure to some chemicals way back when, but no proof of that.
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  5. Tiger-1

    Tiger-1 MDL Guru

    Oct 18, 2014
    congratulations my dear :worthy:, me consume "just two packs" and I can't stop this damn drug ;)
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