Strange idea to some=> 'Droid as a PC ?!?

Discussion in 'Mobile and Portable' started by smallhagrid, Nov 7, 2015.

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    Sep 14, 2013
    I see where folks want to gain remote control over there PCs from the tiny screen - and it just baffles me.
    That anyone would or could be so in love with a handheld device as to prefer a tiny screen over a bigger

    Having said this, it occurs to me that since tablets and smartphones running Android ARE in reality just small PCs, there should be clever ways to use such devices as if they are just a basic CPU box with accessories attached so as to be very much like a desktop Android PC.

    In my imagination it seems as if it should be possible to connect a Droid device with a powered USB hub, a wired USB NIC, some sort of display adapter (if such a thing exists ??), a KB and a mouse - and most far-fetched of all - with enough of a hub - a nice, big SSD connected via USB adapter.

    With all that stuff, and speakers plugged into the headphone jack, a small, humble 'Droid device would make a very nice, user-friendly desktop device, I think.

    So - I've got the dock for this, and a nice powered 7-port USB hub, really everything except for an idea of how to get it all connected, working and directly onto the larger display without using apps (HDMI...VGA...what ??).

    Please toss any idea at me - I am curious to know what anyone else may share on this idea - and please - no flaming because you want to tell me I have it all reversed - I am an older guy with eyes that HATE small screens !!

  2. davos9554

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    Jun 13, 2014
    Look at Motorola Atrix and Atrix 2. It has a webtop mode when you drop the phone in a thin laptop cradle which runs an Ubuntu-based desktop, but it's fairly crippled and not easily expandable. It's pretty much good for Citrix Receiver & Firefox. The thin laptop cradle is nothing more than an LCD, keyboard, and extra battery pack, the device itself has the Ubuntu OS on it.

    I had one, the idea was neat but I think it's ultimately a failure. Because it wasn't expandable, didn't have enough storage, not enough memory, and well it wasn't Windows.

    I hear the latest incarnation will bring up the tablet interface on a phone when you drop it into the cradle device, and Ubuntu is gone now.
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    Sep 15, 2015
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