Striker Extreme S3 S4 sleep mode failures

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    Update: My Problems have gone away with 1301 final bios.

    Still i need to know how to remove the emulator from vista 32

    Any suggestions?

    Anyone can help?

    ( I have the OEM Softmod Bios emulator installed...dont know
    how to remove it though...maybe the cause?)

    Procedure is 100% reproducable

    True bios version is: 1102 (3/2007) later versions cause all sorts of
    instablility especially with OCing on my system so i cant use them.

    A)I Hit the shut down button in vista (which is defaulted to put vista in SLEEP (Suspend to Ram)
    B) Computer will not enter S3 / S4 mode it will shut down completely
    C) Computer will do 4-5 rapid short beeps on power up after this procedure
    D) Computer shows boot selection menu to load vista as if it had been incorrectly shut down
    E) Computer will load (sometimes forever) if entering VISTA it will not work properly
    (Sound hardware not responding etc) MFT structure will have bad entries etc etc
    D) A normal shutdown and power up procedure will fix the problem or doing a
    keyboard warm reset before trying to load vista.

    Conclusion Sleepmode is not properly supported by the bios or there are RAM
    incompat. problems? Ram is MUSKHIN PC6400 dual kit 2 GB (i reckon that
    is on the qualified ram list. Cannot be DISK problem since we are talking about
    Suspend to RAM.

    Anyone have suggestions?

    The BIOS Settings concerning APM etc are at BIOS Default settings, changing
    did not result in any success.