Stuck with flashing ASUS K53SD

Discussion in 'BIOS Mods' started by Eyre, Dec 21, 2018.

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    I stuck with flashing the bios of my laptop.
    One guy moded a bios for me, conversation is at bios-mods, [REQUEST] ASUS K53SD thread.
    pages 2 and 3.
    IDK what to do, and a bit afraid of it, but still wanting.
    I'm using win10, to flash I was trying afuwin and afuwingui v3.05.02 and then 3.05.04 respectively.
    Same error. same strange thing:
    when I click save, or make afuwinx64.exe bkp.rom /O I get the ff, but ROM ID in bios is 0ABUC0007, and in file is 0ABUC000.

    I mostly want to try to make it for eGPU setup, and I guess I know the place where I can recover my laptop, but still, I want everything fine. As fine as possible, less damage.

    And it's interesting, how can I check image before flashing?

    and yes, is there a posibility, that afuwin/afuwingui on save gives a corrupted image?

    and yes, sorry, but maybe I choose wrong place to place my question, but, it's like, I was reading bios-mods, winraid and mdl, asked for modding in one place but I need additional help.
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    i had broken a K53 or K54 yrs ago.. best make bios backup via programmer and have that mod and flash it same way.
    if you use a Ch341a make sure you use flashrom_ch341 from win-raid..
    as the cheap soft that comes with it is usually a failure.. even newer versions i dont trust.

    on software i think FTK aka flash programming tool might work but not sure