Suggestions, please...TV Box + small HDMI screen for door cam ??

Discussion in 'Android' started by smallhagrid, Mar 2, 2022.

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    Hi Folks.
    Since I am forced to spend so much time indoors by my health problems, I have a tiny door cam aimed out the front door here - this is sort of my window to the outside world alot of the times.
    It is displayed on a smallish phone screen which sits on my desk below my PC screen.

    The cam itself is made by Laview and ONLY displays via their Android app as well as requiring internet to be connected as their server is involved.
    The little cam uses our wifi as does the phone used as its display.

    For a long time I've wanted it to have a larger display - like maybe a 7" tablet - and I tried it with what I had, an 2012 Nexus 7 - which failed miserably as it seemed that its wifi could not even stay connected.

    My PC runs Linux, and I know I could do this with a VM - but I do not want it on my PC screen 'cuz that is needed fully for me old eyes & the door cam is an accessory rather than a main here's my thought & query:

    I have an older (V5.x ??) Android TV Box which could be connected with some sort of small display - maybe the size of a 7" or 10" tablet via HDMI, but I've no clue how to pin down a decent & affordable thing like that.

    Testing this idea using a 25" display via HDMI brought promising results;
    It displayed very well, but it is far too big to fit at my desk.

    My searching for such a good, tiny HDMI screen has brought results mostly aimed at R Pi devices with extra h/w included & at minimum $50-$70;
    Frankly I'd hoped to spend less than that for this project...

    Does anyone here have experiences with sourcing such tiny sized screens & perhaps may be kind enough to offer me some pointers ??

    Thanks for any helpful replies !!
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    you can use adb to do this by typing in scrcpy
    If you dont know how to use adb I can gladly help
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    Sep 14, 2013
    I am OK with ADB & do have SCRCPY - but those are not consistent with my goal as I clearly expressed it in the OP.

    What I've been seeking is a good, least cost source for a separate, small HDMI screen.

    Since the TV Box is just sitting here inactive I took a wild shot by ordering one from the big A as it can be returned for free if it is not suitable.
    It cost a bit more than our budget would like, but at least it will allow a starting point via confirming that my goal is reachable.
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    you can get small screen with hdmi input connection on aliexpress