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    I know that here (in MDL) there are a lot of people from different countries and continents and I thought of an idea, that everyone can tell us about their countries (traditions, national food, costume).About national flag, symbolic, coat of arms and etc. It would be great if with photos/pictures.So that we can know more about our world!:biggrin:

    Let me begin, I’m from Estonia.:naughty:

    It is very small country, but very beautiful and interesting.

    Capital city of our country is Tallinn. It has beatiful countryside. In fields there is a lot of big rocks. We have a legend, that rocks grew on our fields, because when climate changed,ground had taken lower, and rocks appeared on the ground.

    In our capital city we have beatiful old town! It's very mysterious place… and so nice. A lot of museums, viewpoint (from where you can see all old town),old buildings. Our buildings in old town have a red tile roof and it gives special charm for our city.

    Every Estonian city has it's own traditional suit.
    Our national food is: Baltic herring, bloody sausages, Mulk Cabbage (Estonian -mulgi kapsas).
    Our flag is from blue, black and white colors.
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    National bird is swallow.
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    National flower is knapweed.
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    Our coat of arm
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    Sorry for any grammar mistakes. :)
    Looking forward to hear about other countries. :)
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    I'm from India i.e Republic of India, which is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by geographical area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world.

    Capital city is New Delhi, based on a very old & historic place, Delhi.

    Our national flag:

    National bird is Peacock:

    National flower is Lotus:

    Emblem is

    Some other members from India are acyuta, Deb_Rider, kumeipark, pkaji123, venu, Windows vNext etc... :)
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