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    tK's kkIT QuickNote

    :: Development of this Project is Continued ::
    It'ssupported by me, and will be forever.

    kkIT QuickNote
    Is a little application that sits on your desktop allowing you a small spot to write in some notes. Why would you want this?

    • It's open source! Feel free to make it how you want.
    • It's your personal spot for jotting down notes.
    • It's on your desktop all the time. No need to open notepad.
    • It's fast!

    System Requirements:
    - Windows 7 (Sp1)
    - Windows 8
    - Windows 8.1
    - Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

    Download link (Google Drive): [[Removed!! updates are coming!!!!]]

    Ok so I know I said dev was stopped but I picked it up again. It's nearly finished!! Big changes (ok so not thay big) are coming! :)

    Thanks to:
    murphy78 -- Windows 8.1 w/ Update 1 and Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate. They work :D
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