THD-EPC-P91A support new SSD.

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    Nov 25, 2009
    Please help with editing bios.
    There is here such a chinese tablet
    Motherboard THD-EPC-P91A-A, (judging by the inscriptions on the board) While CPU-Z reports that board THD-PX1.
    Here's the BIOS ... He took off with Universal_BIOS_Backup_ToolKit_2.0
    I want to upgrade the native SSD 32 for the OCZ-Nocti 60gb mSATA.
    Neither the BIOS nor Windows installation disk is invisible. Programs like Acronis also did not see the disk.
    I suspect it's because of the lack of points in the BIOS to enable AHCI. Native drive works as IDE. Very slow .
    Either in the BIOS is not registered, this type of disc, and it must be added.
    Please help professionals in dealing with this issue, because my attempts to understand the process of editing the BIOS failed.
    Thanks in advance.
    Sorry for my English.