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    Sep 12, 2008
    In smarthpones under management Symbian of 9-th versionthe signature of appendices the personal certificate. If you have constant problems at installation of appendices (for example, it it is informed a mistake in the certificate, etc.,) means it is necessary to sign the appendix the personal certificate and then it will be established without problems. Earlier the certificate could be ordered on site Symbian, but since recent time this opportunity have cleaned{removed}.
    But also from this situation there is an output. In the shortest terms, we shall cheaply make the certificate for yours smarthpones which you will always sign the appendices and without problems of them to establish in the smarthpone.
    It will not be necessary, as advise the some people "to break open" the smarthpone for installation of the "universal" certificate, i.e. to open full access to file system, thus dooming the smart on unpredictable glitches.
    On questions of manufacturing of the certificate address: ICQ 2836341