The future of Apple Computers and the MacOS

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    I remember back in the 80's, I used to use Apple Computers all the time. I had a Franklin Ace 1000, an Apple clone. Anyway, 20+ years later those days are over and I've been using PC's since the 90's starting with Windows 3.11 and DOS. Anyway, I look at the computer world and as we know Microsoft and PC's have the market share locked down for quite sometime. As for the MacOS, it's my opinion that Apple isn't even competition for Microsoft and Apple will never catch up to PC's in these terms. So I tend to say that Apple's closest competition is Linux, which also has the market share over the MacOS as well so it poses the question, what is the future of the MacOS?

    My guess is that Apple will bumble with the MacOS for another decade or so until eventually nobody uses Apple and they'll then fold their tent. They have many problems regarding the MacOS such as small selection of 3rd party software, expensive hardware pricing, warranty snafu's if you like doing your own upgrades or repairs. Compounding this is all these stupid colleges who insist students use Mac's instead of PC's which is baffling to me. We've had so many new employs from colleges that come and work for the company I work for and they always ask if they can either use a Mac or they're surprised we don't have any Mac's. It's then my fun job to alert them to the reality that their colleges and schools were not as cutting edge as they thought and with that said, taught them skills using a Mac that will be useless in the real working world for the most part. Hopefully, those students have had exposure to PC's although some haven't and they become totally lost using Windows. The saddest part of this whole conversation, it's all Apple's fault. By not sharing information into the IT community, they've effectively shut themselves out of the conversation. I see most Mac users eventually going Linux in the future. What's your take???
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    your post is so dull, drab and boring !

    *yawn *yawn (*sleeps on the pc*)
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    Here's where you went wrong:

    I've been using PC's since the 90's starting with Windows 3.11

    And due to that your post isn't even worthy a more serious reply. You don't know anything about the current usage of Apple computers or the widespread use of Mac OS X.
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    Mac OS X is nothing more than a another *NIX OS use to bundle with their hardware to make it "Special".
    The funny part is most *NIXES are free and OS like FreeBSD and Solaris are closer to *NIX that OS X can ever get and they are free.
    Only people that will miss OS X when it is gone are people who don't know other OS like GNU/Linux FreeBSD and Solaris exist besides Windows and Mac OS.
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    amen to first poster,apple mac os x is doomed!
    long live linux! free for the whole world!
    i got to have both win and nix 4 now.