The Royal Mint launches new coinage currency system with banknote-strength security

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    Jan 7, 2008
    A new coin is created to help against fake coins (according to the source 3% are faked).

    My own 2 cents:
    * I think RFID would too expensive to include into the coin itself.
    * But there are some rumors and discussions that you can copy the coin anyway with the scanner (there are million scanners available for this coin to 'analyze' it or to read the given information out).
    * A chemist could create or get the unknown components to 'create' a faked one.
    * I have doubt that the effort is worth it.
    * From what I could understand the security mechanism is given within the metal itself, so I guess it's
    * Unclear is how the 'hologram' exactly works.

    Source: (Article showed 3% of the 1 pund coins are faked - article removed)£1-coin-work

    Patent: Royal Mint