[Tool] OGA (Office Genuine Advantage) Notifications Remover v1.0

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    Tired of the increased load time due to OGA notifications that has been long time ago retired by Microsoft? Here's a simple VBS script to cleanly and entirely remove it (it both uninstalls the MSI and deletes the remaining scheduled tasks).

    How to use: save as a VBS file and run it. Or alternatively download the ZIP file attached to this post where you can find the VBS inside.

    Const msiInstallStateAbsent = 2
    Set Installer = CreateObject("WindowsInstaller.Installer")
    Installer.UILevel = msiUILevelBasic + msiUILevelHideCancel
    strComputer = "."
    Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")
    Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_Product")
    For Each objItem in colItems
    If InStr(1, objItem.Name, "OGA Notifier", Text) = 1 Then
    Installer.ConfigureProduct objItem.IdentifyingNumber, 0, msiInstallStateAbsent
    Rem objItem.Name, objItem.IdentifyingNumberobjItem.Caption, objItem.Description, objItem.Vendor, objItem.Version, objItem.IdentifyingNumber, objItem.InstallLocation
    End If
    Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    Dim TasksToDelete(2)
    TasksToDelete(0) = "OGADaily"
    TasksToDelete(1) = "OGALogon"
    For Each TaskToDelete in TasksToDelete
    WshShell.Run "schtasks.exe /delete /F /TN """ & TaskToDelete & """", 0, true

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