Toshiba Drives

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    Oct 19, 2018
    Hi all.
    I bought 2 Toshiba HDD's because I wanted something reliable, I had 2TB Seagate crashed right after warranty of 2 years expired. I've read that Toshiba use Hitachi elements so decided to give them a try.
    One little problem is that Toshiba have the same warranty - 2 years, unfortunately not 3 yr as I wanted.
    I think 1 of my Toshibas already makes ordinary HDD noises, however S.M.A.R.T. says "Good".

    Apparently, my 320 Gb Seagate drive survived 6 years of work while 2TB from the same manufacturer crashed after 2.
    Hitachi elements is what made my buy.
    I searched the net for an answer, which HDD's really good and couldn't find a definitive answer, except for Hitachi.

    What do you think of Toshiba drive? How long does it work? Is it better than WD and Seagate?