Toshiba OEM Vista Install

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    Dec 24, 2010
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    Hi all, sorry I am new here, but I have been reading through these forums and cannot figure out what is going on here.

    I have used this Vista OEM disc to install on about a dozen laptops with a COA key on the bottom of the laptop. The disc has worked fine and activated on all machines over the phone.

    Today was my first time trying with Toshiba, it did not take the key, so I installed without the key but chose Vista Home Premium from the list because that is what the COA key says.
    It did not activate over the phone or online. It is a satellite P series (i think, not near it) and I found the Toshiba Home Premium Key SLP key in the stickied thread, should I just be able to enter this key and since the machine is toshiba, it will activate?

    Sorry for coming here and asking questions but I am in a rut here. I will continue to search for answers awaiting a reply here.

    Thanks in advance.